coronavirus information

Coronavirus Information




we are open again but following a few extra precautions against the virus.


as you arrive there is a barrier accross the track with the bell on it. please ring the bell and wait in your car for assistance.

we are leaving extra spaces between some pegs to help with social distancing.

you will be booked in and given a peg number you must fish this peg and do not swop, as we need to know where everyone is and on which pegs.

when you arrive at your peg and untill you leave  please DO NOT wonder around lakes .

we open at 7am and close at 7pm. so please do not ring bell before 7am and be packed up and gone for 7pm.

if you require anything form shop we will get it for you.

we hope you all help to keep us open by abiding by these rules.


thank you



If you are a facebook member please add us as a friend


And keep upto date with all info and match details

Or write your own report on a day you had fishing or anything else you might want to say or add your photos of your catch.


look forward to hearing from you