Caravan General Information

Please phone or email for a booking and availability.


All dates subject to availability.


 All cheques made payable to   Colin Begbie



No smoking in any of the caravans.

No fag ends to be thrown on the floor outside the caravans

or anywhere on site.


No pets allowed in the caravan or on site.


No fishing tackle to be kept in the caravan. or bait in the fridge.


No vehicles to be driven or parked on the grass or verges anywhere on site at 

anytime Keep to tracks at all times max speed limit 5mph.


Fishing is on a day ticket basis.



No fishing to commence before 7am and

fishing no later than 8.00pm. must be paid for before fishing.


Bed linen, duvets, pillows and towels are not provided.


All fishery rules must be complied with.

Please make sure you read and understand rules before fishing.

If found to be breaking any rules you may be asked to stop fishing.


We hold open fishing matches every week and if you are interested

you would be very welcome to join.

Please ask for more details.


Tackle shop is open from 7am daily, till 8.00pm.


Please note if we have a fishing  match we may need to close

1 or more or part of the lakes .

But we have 4 so there is  always room on one of the others.


caravans are to be left as found on arrival, cookers to be cleaned

before leaving. please make sure all windows are closed.

please do not throw any oils or fat or milk down the sinks ,

as the caravans work off a water treatment plant a

nd these will clog up the system.