Description Of The Lakes

Kingfisher Lake


Kingfisher Lake     This is the largest of  the 2 lakes which has 33 pegs and is well established, offering plenty of features including an island to the left of the lake and a sunken island to the right , with plenty of Reed cover all round the lake.   This lake holds a wide range of species including : common & mirror carp to 26lb+   Ghost carp,      grass carp,Tench,chubb,barbel,perch,bream,skimmers, roach,Rudd,golden Rudd, crucian carpf1 carp, and even eels.   It does offer plenty for all anglers if you just want to catch some fish or whether you are after that bigger carp.   With each day being different from the next it keeps you on your toes and doesn''t get predictable. The larger of the carp are very smart and you have to out whit them ! Making them more fun to catch. With open water swims,island swims and reed lined margins not to mention the sunken island there is a peg to suit any method pole,waggler or feeder.   Also allowed on this lake only is floating baits that can produce lots of carp later in the day.   FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK COLIN BEGBIE(TOWNSEND LAKES FISHERY) FOR UPTO DATE INFO AND MATCH RESULTS  

Woodpecker pool
Woodpecker Pool   This pool has 20 pegs and is very even all  round once again this pool offers a wide selection of species  including common carp, ghost carp, mirror carp,barble,tench and golden tench,  skimmers, roach,rudd,blue and golden orfe,golden rudd,bream,crucian carp,koi carp,grass carp,f1 carp,ide and even he odd goldfish a lovely selection of some of the prettier species. There are a few carp that are over 15lb. This pool is great for catching plenty of fish with the added bonus  of a bigger carp to be hooked. Favered methods on this lake is firstly the pole, as there are not to many large fish in this lake. 8,10 or 12 elastic is better for sport, 9 to 13 meters out on the bottom will see bites all day but with regular feeding the fish will come shallow lots of carp and ide will be the main biters (once you''ve feed through the rudd).12"minimum from float to hook. For lots of lovely golden & green tench a closer in attack is recomended fishing close to the margins or even under your feet will so the float going under all day but also be prepered for the carp to turn up as well as the hard fighting barble.  Of cause the waggler will catch plenty of fish from all these areas too with soft pellets,corn and meat being the better summer baits - maggots, casters & worms also have there day but the hungry rudd and roach will take some perserverance. not to forget the swim feeders that will take lots of fish when they are feeding in the middle of the lake, groundbait,maggot or pellet feeder all taking there share of the fish. No floating baits or bread to be used in this pool. and only 1 rod allowed. There are different rules in this lake please check before fishing.   FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR UPTO DATE INFO AND MATCH RESULTS

Cuckoo Canal



There are  concrete bases in them for stability and pegs 1 & 2 has a ramp going down into them for the disabled anglers.


 This lake has been split into 2 sections for carp and silver fish.

The low numbers 1 to 23 is stocked with just carp.

The high numbers 27 to 39 is stocked with siver fish.


The carp section has - Mirror Carp,Common Carp, Gold Carp,

Grass Carp .

The bigger carp average is 1lb to 3lb. With the best fish being around 8lb. With lots of 4oz to 12ozs.

The silver section has -  ide, chub, tench, bream , barble, skimmers, crucian and small gold carp.


Cuckoo Canal  has extra rules These being


1) No groundbait not even in feeders or for dusting.

2) No meat of any kind

3) No paste of any kind not even bread.

4) No bread

5) Fishery only feed pellets that are available for £2 a 2pint bag  in the shop.

6) You can use any hook pellets on the hook only and not thrown in for feed.

7) anglers own landing nets to be used . 

 8)  anglers own keep nets in matchs only.


Maggots and corn are both good baits on here and both produce well.


Remember size 14 maximum hook and all fish to be netted.


This canal section is fishing really well at the moment.

Well worth a try on your next visit. keeps you busy all day



This is shown by the depth, the centre track at 7.5ft deep (winter water level) is a good target area when the weather is cold (so don't forget some deep rigs top threes should do the job).

But remember if you are a winter angler the fish don't always like the deepest spots (as we are somtimes lead to belive) so the far and near shelf at about 5ft should be explored.

Also if its a mild day the shelf caused by the summer low level may hold some better fish later in the day , this will be about 18" -  24" down the far and near bank from water level.



site layout
site layout

This is a layout of the whole site.

which shows all 2 lakes and canal

and the caravans.

where they are and how they are shaped and how to get to them.


If you have any pictures of your catches here and you would like us to put them on our facebook page please email them to us with your name if you want it on and date and size of fish and what you caught it on and we will add them.