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Tackle Shop
                                  Tackle          Shop       View of half of the shop  

We have a well stocked tackle shop on site.   Which stocks most things needed from a packet of hooks to a top of the range pole or rod.  

We stock a wide selection of tackle from names like – Maver – Preston – Middy – Shakespeare  And many more.    

Also no need to bring bait with you we also sell all baits including fresh maggots , worms ,Meat - Hemp ,paste ,wide range of ground bits and pellets ect ...  

Corn either basic including 'jolly green giant' or Flavoured corn by a variety of different makes.

Floaters again different types and makes.


Pellets we sell a good range of different sizes, flavours and makes.

Including expander pellets.

Feed pellets hard or soft.

And hook pellets you can either do yourself or already made up in tubes.

Soft hook pellets are an excellent bait and are very good for our 'Woodpecker Pool'



We stock all varieties in sonubaits , dynamite baits,sensas and v.d.e

On our lakes we allow groundbait with a limit of 1kg to be used at any 1 time.

With the exception of the Cuckoo Canal 



Old faithful ! we stock maggots in Red - White - Bronze - Flo - Yellow and of coarse Mixed.

We also sell Pinkies.


And Castors to order.

We stock a mix of flavours in boilies.

And we also sell PVA bags and PVA mesh tubes ect... too.

We also sell cold drinks and chocolate bars and crisps.

And we also sell hot drinks and pot noodles too !

 So we really do have everything covered.

If when you are fishing you lose your disgorger or your float or feeder (and lets face it we all do that !!!) or you want to try a different bait don’t worry just pop up to the shop and we can sort you out. The tackle shop you will see on arrival to the fishery and this is Where you must also purchase your day tickets before fishing. Just ring the bell on the front of the shop and it rings in the house and we will come out to you.  We will also give any help and advice we can if you ask us.